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Business Relocation Services

About Business Relocation Services

As a wholly owned subsidiary of SEA CON LLC, Business Relocation Services is a full service company that specializes in business relocation consulting and construction management.  Our 25 years of experience enables us to quickly and effectively gain an in-depth understanding of our clients business needs providing us the direction and knowledge to maximize a relocation settlement based on those needs. Business Relocation Services is licensed in the Western United States and our history with Federal, State and Local agencies has given us an understanding of their unique policies and procedures regarding business relocation.  This understanding has generated a successful track record of greater relocation dollars for Business Relocation Services's clients, as well as minimizing business disruption.

Consider us to be your one stop shop; we will help oversee all of your relocation concerns and ensure that you get the best payout on benefits. We can also assist with any additional design and construction needs.

The reality is that 25% of relocated businesses fail and in some circumstances those numbers can go up to 90%*. Reasons for business failure can include: the relocated businesses not being educated in the relocated procedure and often have to handle the brunt of the work (filing, looking for a new space to move into, etc...) to make it through the relocation. Businesses not knowing their rights during the relocation. Businesses believing that their Agency provided Agent is working in their best interest. All of this can affect a businesses' ability to continue working and bringing in revenue and survive the relocation process. Business Relocation Services will take that load off your shoulders and allow you to do what you do best while working to ensure that you have smooth relocation.

Don't be a statistic; call now (425.837.9720) for a complimentary phone conversation with one of our specialists and learn how we can help you through this difficult time.

Why Business Relocation Services

You have been contacted by a Federal, State or Local agency and notified that as a result of an upcoming public project you must move your business. Now you must relocate and it is time to make decisions as to how best handle this.

You will have questions:

  1. What happens to my business?

  2. Can I handle this alone?

  3. Is my agency relocation consultant working in my best interest?

We also understand that you may see many different options when choosing your relocation consultant. Why choose Business Relocation Services? What separates us from other relocation consultant options?  

Business Relocation Services

has the answers.

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