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Business Relocation Services

Case Studies by Agency

City of Auburn

• Auto Body Repair, Thoroughbred Auto, City of Auburn​


City of Everett

​• Retail/Showroom, Big Bob's Carpet, City of Everett​


City of Mount Vernon

​• Warehouse & Distribution, Mobile Merchandisers, City of Mount Vernon

City of Redmond

• Restaurant, Kanishka's, City of Redmond

• Retail/Showroom, Frederick's, City of Redmond

• Retail/Showroom, Redmond Carpet, City of Redmond

• Retail/Showroom, Redmond Cycle, City of Redmond

• Restaurant, Quiznos, City of Redmond

• Medical, Brookfield Veterinary Hospital, City of Redmond

• Computer Services, New Haven Software, City of Redmond

• Medical/Dental, Dr. Townsend Chiropractic, City of Redmond

• Medical/Dental, Essence of Dentistry, City of Redmond

• Tour Guide, Himalayan Sherpa, City of Redmond

• Cafe, Cafe MO'Joe, City of Redmond

City of Seattle (SPU)

• Bus Rental/Bus Barn, Curtis Bus, City of Seattle (SPU)

• Bus Barn/Station, First Student, City of Seattle (SPU)


City of Shoreline

​• Equipment Rental, Aurora Rents, City of Shoreline​


City of Springfield

​• Industrial/Manufacturing, Springfield Metal (Missouri), City of Springfield



• Office Building Improvements, Lamb Hanson Lamb, D.S.H.S.

• Restaurant, II Vero Deli, D.S.H.S.



​• Manufacturing, Put On's & Collectibles, G.S.A.

King County

• Auto Auction, Insurance Auto Auction, King County

• Equipment Rental, Active Excavator, King County

• Food Processing, StockPot, King County

• Landscaping, NW Landscape, King County

• Restaurant, Rooty's, King County

• Retail, McCann's Flooring, King County

• Warehouse & Distribution, Quality Business Systems, King County

• Wrecking yard, Greenleaf Auto Wrecking, King County

• Audio Equipment, Audio Visual Head Quarters, King County

• Plumbing Services, Pacific Plumbing Supply, King County

• Hollabaugh Bros, King County

• Auto Wrecking, Insurance Auto Auction, King County


King County Metro

• Warehouse & Distribution, Bridge Industries, King County Metro

• Warehouse & Distribution, Gulf Systems, King County Metro

• Warehouse & Distribution, H & W Distributing, King County Metro

• Warehouse & Distribution, Mechanical Agents, King County Metro

• Warehouse & Distribution, Metal Shorts, King County Metro

• Warehouse & Distribution, NW Janitorial, King County Metro

• Warehouse & Distribution, SCOT Industries, King County Metro

Mariner Stadium

• Manufacturing, Crown Diamond, Mariner Stadium

• Retail, Filson, Mariner Stadium


• Medical/Dental, Dr. Darleen Chan Dentistry, Monorail

• Office/Warehouse, NW Center, Monorail

• Hostel, Green Tortoise, Monorail


• Office/Warehouse, Stone Drew Ashe & Jones, Other


Port of Everett

• Manufacturing, American Boiler Works, Port of Everett

Port of Seattle

• Auto Body Repair, Alki Auto Body, Port of Seattle

• Food Processing, Pacific Rendering, Port of Seattle

• Industrial, Global Diving & Salvage, Port of Seattle

• Manufacturing, Ace Tank & Equipment, Port of Seattle

• Manufacturing, JD Machine & Gear, Port of Seattle

• Manufacturing, Non-Ferrous Metal, Port of Seattle

• Scrap Recycling, Seattle Iron & Metal, Port of Seattle

• Warehouse & Distribution, International Belt & Rubber, Port of Seattle

• Warehouse & Distribution, Liberty Equipment, Port of Seattle

• Warehouse & Distribution, Performance Contracting, Port of Seattle

• Warehouse & Distribution, Safway Scaffolding, Port of Seattle

• Warehouse & Distribution, Sawdust Supply, Port of Seattle

• Warehouse & Distribution, Sea Port Petroleum, Port of Seattle

• Warehouse, Western Ports Transportation, Port of Seattle

• High Press Vessel Management, Kipper & Sons Engineering, Port of Seattle

• Trucking Company, Oak Harbor Freightlines, Port of Seattle

• Misc. Equipment Supplier, Mendahlson Equipment, Port of Seattle

• Steel Supplier, Sea Port Steel, Port of Seattle

• Auto Body, Bjornby Auto Rebuild, Port of Seattle


P.O.S. Airport

• Restaurant, Runway Inn Tavern, P.O.S. Airport


Port of Vancouver

• Food Processing, Great Western Malting, Port of Vancouver


Sound Transit

• Auto Body Repair, Heiser Truck Body, Sound Transit

• Auto Body Repair, Kerstein Auto Rebuild, Sound Transit

• Car Dealership, Clayton VW, Sound Transit

• Cleaners, Jiffy Cleaners, Sound Transit

• Food Processing, Cucina Fresca, Sound Transit

• Food Processing, Seattle Baking, Sound Transit

• Food Processing, Valley Packer & Cold Storage, Sound Transit

• Laundromat, Empire Speed Wash Laundromat, Sound Transit

• Manufacturing, Buse Lumber, Sound Transit

• Manufacturing, Richard's Brush, Sound Transit

• Manufacturing, Wooldridge Boats, Sound Transit

• Medical/Dental, Dr. David Silver, Sound Transit

• Medical/Dental, Hillside Dental, Sound Transit

• Medical/Dental, International Health, Sound Transit

• Medical/Dental, Rainier Valley Chiropractic, Sound Transit

• Office, Lifelong AIDS Alliance, Sound Transit

• Restaurant, Chuy El Mexicano, Sound Transit

• Restaurant, Empire Way Tavern, Sound Transit

• Restaurant, South China Restaurant, Sound Transit

• Retail, Burdic Feed, Sound Transit

• Retail, Oak Floors of Greenbank, Sound Transit

• Retail, Vegetable Bin, Sound Transit

• School, Seed of Life, Sound Transit

• Vehicle Maintenance, Speedee Lube, Sound Transit

• Warehouse & Distribution, Alaskan Copper, Sound Transit

• Warehouse & Distribution, Fosty Wholesale (Ice Dreams), Sound Transit

• Warehouse & Distribution, McFabco Steel Corp, Sound Transit

• Warehouse & Distribution, McMillan Piper, Sound Transit

• Warehouse & Distribution, Overnight Express-Kent, Sound Transit

• Trucking Company, Nelson Trucking, Sound Transit

• Cabinet Manufacturer, Neeley Construction, Sound Transit

• Contractor, Wickham & Sons, Sound Transit

• Auto Body, Dale Kerstain Auto, Sound Transit

• Dental, Dr. Engh Bellevue Dental, Sound Transit

• Banking, Chase Bank, Sound Transit

• Chang's, Sound Transit

• Auto Repair, Excel Auto, Sound Transit

• Fine Cleaner, Sound Transit

• Auto, Huy's Used Cars, Sound Transit

• Retail Supplier, Quality Rentals, Sound Transit



• Church, Lake WA Christian Church, WSDOT

• Laboratory Facility, Saybolt, Inc., WSDOT

• Medical/Dental, Bellevue Dental Center, WSDOT

• Medical/Dental, Strategic Health, WSDOT

• Printing Manufacturer, Rainier Color, WSDOT

• School, Sunnybrook Montessori, WSDOT

• Tire shop, Meridian Tire, WSDOT

• Warehouse & Distribution, Tacoma Screw, WSDOT

• Medical/Dental, Dr. North Hand Surgery, WSDOT

• Medical/Dental, Dr. Nudelman OBGYN, WSDOT

• Dalton Midway Services, WSDOT

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