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Business Relocation Services

Move Planning


  • Business as Usual:                                  Choosing Business Relocation Services as your relocation consultant allows you to go about the business of running your business.   

  • Low Cost:
    Professional services to plan your move are considered a reimbursable expense under the relocation guidelines.  The typical result is that Business Relocation Services's move planning services are provided at very little or no cost to you!                                                         

  • Stress-Free Move:
    Logistics, scheduling, cost analysis, estimates, appraisals, negotiations and billings are time consuming and stressful components of this relocation. Business Relocation Services will handle them for you

Feasibility Studies


Business Relocation Services offers a wide range of feasibility services that are also reimbursable under relocation guidelines.        

  • Site Search:
    Business Relocation Services will utilize established relationships with the local professional real estate community to locate sites that meet your business specific needs.                                                  

  • Feasibility Studies:
    Business Relocation Services will perform complete site feasibility studies for constructability, permitting requirements and timelines, environmental issues and much more. We will take the guesswork out of making sure that this is the right site for your business, whether a ground up construction or an existing facility.          

  • Turn-key Development:
    Total facility development from design feasibility to construction, to move-in. Business Relocation Services has the proven ability to manage the entire process. Business Relocation Services has over 25 years of experience constructing a wide variety of industrial and commercial projects while maximizing eligible reimbursable relocation expenses.

Cost Estimates

Business Relocation Services provides third party and in-house cost estimating services for relocation, construction and development.

  • Relocation Estimates:
    Business Relocation Services provides third party and in-house cost estimating services that cover all facets of your move. Complete detailed estimates range from the cost of moving basic furnishings to extremely complicated and sensitive equipment and inventory. Preparation, transportation, re-installation, calibration, space planning, code requirements and upgrades are just some of the reimbursable items that Business Relocation Services will identify. These estimates are then presented in a format acceptable to the relocating agency.                                               

  • Construction Estimates:
    Business Relocation Services can estimate the construction costs of a new facility or to improve an existing facility. Business Relocation Services can recognize and make design recommendations based on their ability to qualify for reimbursement from the agency.                                                           

  • Development Estimates:
    Business Relocation Services can develop complete proformas and estimates that include everything from the basic move of your personal property to the total site selection, permitting, financing and construction of a new facility.

Consulting Services


For Attorneys and Appraisers

Construction Services


The more involvement Business Relocation Services has in the construction project, the better able we are to track and configure construction costs into reimbursable costs creating significant savings to you. We have a strong history of successful relocation construction projects.                                                              

  • Knowledge of Business Details:
    Business Relocation Services gains an in-depth understanding of our clients' business operations throughout the relocation process. This knowledge would be difficult and expensive to duplicate at the initiation of the construction phase.         

  • Negotiations of Relocation Issues:
    As an integral component of the construction team, Business Relocation Services's relocation consultants will focus primarily on the needs of the business operation and allow us to maximize the relocation settlement based on those needs.                                                                   

  • Billings for Construction Costs:
    Business Relocation Services' knowledge of agency billing, reimbursement eligibility and payment process has proven to past clients our ability to maximize construction cost reimbursements and timely payments.  Close contact with the construction team allows accurate billing for the reimbursable items as well as the all-important not so obvious items that occur during construction.  Business Relocation Services has a system that allows easy tracking and re-configuring of construction costs into the agencies billing format and requirements.                                 

  • Design Input:
    As part of the design team, Business Relocation Services can recognize and make recommendations on design issues based on their ability to qualify for reimbursement



  • Business Relocation Services can assist in the financing component of a move. We have experience in conventional and SBA financing, and are a "Pre Approved" contractor with many lenders.

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